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Hanger Assy with pivot bolt and nut

Self locking nut for pivot bolt: 3/4" Hex, 1/2" Thread

Main Screw: Includes dowell and collar, 35-1/2" Overall length

Threaded Knuckle with nut: 1/2" thread for nut

Unthreaded Knuckle with nut: 1/2" Thread for nut

Extension Shaft: 10" Overall Length

Locking Collar: 1-1/4"OD, 3/4"ID, .470 Thick

Wheel: No bearing

Wheel bolt: 3/8" x 2" Shoulder bolt, 5/16-18 thread

Wheel bolt Nut: 1/2"Hex, 5/16-18 Thread

Wheel Bearing: R6-2RS 3/4"OD   3/8"ID