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Cables: Standard Length is 30'. Custon Lengths available for double depth.

Crank Handle:  5/8 Square for drive

Telescopic drive tube(one man bar): 1 1/4" Square, available in Stainless Steel or Powder Coated.

Lid Rail : 82" long, 1" Rise, reinforced for extra strength.

Stainless Steel Casket adapter plates: These plates allow for a casket device to be used on top of the vault lowering device. The slots in these plates slip over the lid rails to provide a stable platform for the casket device to rest on. These plates come four to a set, 2 wide slot and 2 narrow slot. The wide slot is to permit the plate to fit over the lid rail reinforcement. These plates can be purchased in sets, half-sets or by the piece.

Painted Casket adapter plates: These plates are the same as the stainless steel ones except they are powder coated steel.

Crank Swivel: Made from Stainless Steel. Bushings not included.

Crank Swivel Bushing: 5/8" OD    1/2"ID    3/4" Long

Crank Swivel Bolt Nut:  11/16 Hex     3/8" Thread

Short Lid Rail: Used if not using lid carriers. Can still use casket adapter plates.