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T&J Manufacturing specializes in perfecting the best metal and concrete vault systems and parts. Our wide range of products allows our customers to pick and choose exactly what they need. View our selection of full systems such as; concrete, ratchet clamps, self-lock clamps, and metal vaults. Or, if you’re in need of specific parts, T&J offers a variety of options for all of their full systems including stand-assembly.

We serve individuals across the U.S, Canada, and even the Caribbean! Be sure to check out all of our products and see for yourself why T&J Manufacturing is a top burial vault systems and parts manufacturer in the industry.

T&J Manufacturing

We’ve been in business since 1982 in Maquoketa, Iowa— contracting machine shop work. Since then, T&J Manufacturing has been busy machining, fabricating and welding for equipment for use at cemeteries for graveside burials, using concrete vaults. We’ve been making these systems since 1984 and our clientele reaches across the country. Whether you’re a funeral home, vault manufacturer or cemetary— T&J Manufacturing can provide you

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