Metal Vault Carrier Parts

Not only do we offer full machinery, but we also keep parts in stock for all of your vault needs. Our Metal Vault Carrier Parts are built with durability and strength in mind. Take a look at our inventory to see all of our available stand assembly parts, and contact T&J Manufacturing to check availability and pricing!

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Extension Shaft

10" Overall Length

Hanger Assy with pivot bolt and nut

Locking Collar

1-1/4"OD, 3/4"ID, .470 Thick

Main Screw

Includes dowell and collar, 35-1/2" Overall length

Self locking nut for pivot bolt

3/4" Hex, 1/2" Thread

Threaded Knuckle with nut

1/2" thread for nut

Unthreaded Knuckle with nut

1/2" Thread for nut


No bearing

Wheel Bearing

R6-2RS 3/4"OD 3/8"ID

Wheel bolt

3/8" x 2" Shoulder bolt, 5/16-18 thread

Wheel bolt Nut

1/2"Hex, 5/16-18 Thread

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