Miscellaneous Parts

Not only do we offer full machinery, but we also keep parts in stock for all of your vault needs. Our Miscellaneous Parts are built with durability and strength in mind. Take a look at our inventory to see all of our available stand assembly parts, and contact T&J Manufacturing to check availability and pricing!

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Cables (30’)

Standard Length is 30’. Set of 2 cables.

Cables (36’)

36’ cables, typically used for double depth. Set of 2 cables.

Crank Handle

5/8 Square for drive

Crank Swivel

Made from Stainless Steel. Bushings included.

Crank Swivel Bushing

5/8" OD 1/2"ID 3/4" Long

Lid Rail

82" long, 1" Rise, reinforced for extra strength.

Painted Casket adapter plates

These plates are the same as the stainless steel ones except they are powder coated steel. Includes set of 4 (2 wide slot and 2 narrow slot)

Short Lid Rail

Used if not using lid carriers. Can still use casket adapter plates.

Stainless Steel Casket adapter plates

These plates allow for a casket device to be used on top of the vault lowering device. The slots in these plates slip over the lid rails to provide a stable platform for the casket device to rest on. These plates come four to a set, 2 wide slot and 2 narrow slot. The wide slot is to permit the plate to fit over the lid rail reinforcement.

Telescopic drive tube (one man bar) Powder Coated

1 1/4" Square and 1" Square

Telescopic drive tube (one man bar) Stainless Steel

1 1/4" Square, and 1" Square

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